Welcome – Cliff Wright

Cliff Wright is a Sussex-based illustrator, painter, sculptor and teacher, well-known for his work on two of the Harry Potter book covers.  His Illustration work has been published all over the world and in many forms.  Although he is best known for his creations in children’s books, the artwork of Cliff Wright has appeared in Advertising campaigns, magazines, greetings card and Fine Art Reproductions.  Most recently he has devoted time to his lifelong interests in sculpture, photography and film making.  He has a wealth of teaching experience and his Nature of Seeing series of drawing-based workshops and courses are highly regarded

Through these many and varied creative explorations Cliff Wright has discovered a passion for authentic seeing or reaching beyond the limitations of the mind-made world we create around us.  Over many years he has developed a highly regarded series of ongoing workshops and retreats entitled Nature of Seeing. In a few simple drawing exercises it can be revealed that we draw that which we think we see – so it follows that for the most part we are seeing through the limitations of thought.
‘A desire to move beyond the limitations of the mind reveals an often-hidden world of instinctive and intuitive response and deeper trust in the creative process to reveal the answers.  I attempt to develop my work as a continually evolving exploration of ‘getting out of the way’ to allow the mysterious, elusive and magical connection to the creative source to appear.  In this way we give ourselves the chance to reach our highest levels of creativity’
Cliff Wright
This journey has seen Cliff Wright working closely with those who are practising inner stillness and mindfulness, such as Healers, Musicians and Tai Chi masters.  He very much enjoys this expansion of ideas and is keen to develop new collaborative projects.

Now do you see that the eye embraces the beauty of the whole world? It counsels and corrects all the arts of mankind; it is the prince of mathematics and the sciences founded on it are absolutely certain. It has given birth to architecture and the divine art of painting.

— Leonardo da Vinci

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