After several years looking at the same old web page - I have decided to update my web design to make it more mobile friendly, more current and a little bit more exciting to look at - oh - and to enable you to buy my stuff on-line.

While I am doing this - I have put up a temporary mobile friendly site here for you.

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News Just In:

20th September to 27th October. In All Its Glory - An exhibition inspired by the fabric of Chester Cathedral. I’m very happy to send my Bronze Hippogriff for this exhibition organised by Nantwich-based group of artists Art Up Close - I’m happy because special exhibition spaces don’t come along too often and this wonderful building must surely be one of the best - especially for an ancient creature, he will feel right at home. If you would like to see a Hippogriff where he belongs, along with a very interesting collection of high quality art from selected others, do pay a visit.

1st to 30th November. Harry Potter comes to Trading Boundaries! This wonderful Sussex mansion is well-known for it’s high quality collection of world furniture and much more. It has a range of high end courtyard shops and a well respected cafe which also plays host to live music events - and it houses the only permanent collection of Roger Dean artworks and prints. Thus I’m honoured to have been invited to exhibit for the whole of November. Artwork on display will include original preparation sketches for the Harry Potter covers and other original watercolours. A number of sculptures will also on show and also available will be the very highest quality Fine Art Guild Reproductions of selected images. We’re looking to possibly run a special workshop here too so keep an eye out for updates. For the venue, have a look at

Blessed are they who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing.

- Camille Pisarro